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Hogwarts Home: A Sorting Community
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14th-Oct-2006 04:05 pm - Students Old and New
Hot Tom Riddle!
Old- If you missed the announcements, we have decided to re-vamp the community. If you still wish to remain a member you may now link your sorted application in a post. DO NOT LINK YOUR APPLICATION AS A COMMENT TO THIS POST!

If you wish to try and be resorted I would wait for a couple of days. Then simply copy and paste your application to a new journal entry (note: don't link it!) and you will be sorted

To The Applicants in the Queue
THANK YOU for being so patient! We are truly sorry that you have had to wait to be sorted. I haven't forgotten about you in case you were wondering :)

We will be getting to you as soon as possible. I just want to make sure we have enough sorters to do so :)
25th-Sep-2006 12:58 am - To Future Applicants!
Hot Tom Riddle!
We are messing around with some improvements in the community. For the time being, the community is closed to new members. We are very pleased you have found us and we hope to see you again when we begin taking applications!

Thank you!

Headmistress Selene

EDIT: To answer some questions I was emailed, yes you may submit your application ! It will be placed in the queue to be posted first when we re-open!
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