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Hogwarts Home: A Sorting Community
15th-Oct-2006 05:31 pm
Name: Carina
Age: 15, but if you want to do me any favour you could think of me as being already 16 since next month’s my birthday.

1.Why would you like to join Hogwarts Home? Will you participate in both the process of sorting new applicants and the sub-communities one you have been sorted?

I’m a member over at hat_sorting and read you’re a relatively new community. It’s not the fact getting sorted into a Hogwarts house that I like most. It’s the fact to have a chance to get as near to the Potterverse as possible with sub-communities and stuff like that. Back to topic, I thought I could help you a bit. That’s, if you don’t mind that I’d be active in two communities at the same time then. And of course I will participate in both. My only dilemma is that I will be under stress from time to because it’s my last year in the school I am currently in. (The German school system is quite a bit different than the American/English one.) This means there will be final exams near the end of April next year until the very end of July. Apart from that I will do my best.

2. Have you read all 6 of the Harry Potter books? Which book was your favorite and why?

Yes, I have read all the Harry Potter books. I loved and still happen to love Chamber of Secrets very much. I know people who consider this book as utterly boring and light to be foreseen but I enjoyed reading every page of it. Lockhart was such a dork (in a good way, you know). You always looked forward to his next appearance. Especially the together with Harry like the detention scene or the early one in the bookshop were highly amusing. Not to mentioned that adorable Defence Against Dark Arts Club he intended to open together with Snape. Speaking of Snape, his appearances were great too. McGonagall actually got a soft spot back in this book, the ghost party was so painfully sweet (okay, those flying heads and stuff were not sweet but Sir Nick’s enthusiasm was sweet), the discovering of the Basilisk and the showdown in the Chamber was thrilling. I really do love that book.

3. What character do you most relate to? Why?

The HP universe got many lovely characters, yet I only feel related to Tom Riddle. Not Voldemort, Tom Riddle. I do refer to them apart because, while Voldemort obviously is, or was Tom Riddle, he on the other hand is not (yet) Voldemort. If you ever have watched a video in which you were a little child, I am sure you understand what I mean. You look at that child and know that this is you, but you don’t feel this way at all. You difference yourself from that, either from saying/thinking “I was just a child back then” or wondering if that really was you and how you could have been that way.
Back to why I feel related to Tom Riddle. He differences himself from others and thinks highly of himself. I do the same, albeit not that extreme. People often talk about my back about how arrogant and selfish I am and that I seem to neglect them all. I don’t neglect people. I only don’t let everyone get too close to me because I fear of getting dependent on someone else. I don’t shut myself away either. I like to chat and discuss. I am not afraid of making new contacts, nor do I shy away when I shall speak to strangers. Also, Tom is very obsessive when something caught his interest. He spends a great deal of time studying his family line and later finding out where the Chamber of Secrets lied. I am not obsessed with my family line, nor do I look for a hidden chamber in my school. Yet, if something caught my interest I will spent an awful lot of time exploring it.

Tom thinks of himself as ‘special’, I do not. What I do, though, is being selfish. I really love to be the best in everything I do, and getting acknowledgement for what I am able to, what I know, and whatever else is pleasing me very much.

But while sympathizing with Tom Riddle the last thing I intend to is to provoke the impression that I am
so ass-kicking badass evil that my sheer look is killing people.

I haven’t figured out how that works, yet. But I do my hardest.

Oh, and. I imagine it’s odd when someone comes up claiming to relate the most to Tom. Well it is odd but I can assure you I don’t want to be like Tom or actually think myself as him.
Also, unlike him and I already told so, I don’t give a shit about people’s bloodlines and/or heritages. And, most importantly, I am aware of all the bad things he’d done and I don’t appreciate these in the last. While I like Tom I don’t have to agree with him in everything he did or still does as Voldemort. Keep that in mind.

4. Who is your least favorite character? Why?

I always liked Dumbledore but since HBP his reputation is constantly sinking the more I re-read the book. He seemed so OOC to me and during these flashback scenes and afterwards I kept wondering myself if he had gotten senile. He constantly repeated himself, kept nagging about 11 year old Tom not wanting his companionship (what really seemed like a normal reaction for a 11 year old to me – wanting to explore a new world on his own rather than accompany someone he already couldn’t stand), praised himself always in the wrong moments, and… oh the list is long. But then, it’s JKR’s fault for wanting to move on with the story and making Dumbledore odd. However, Dumbledore only was that strange in one out of six books. So, I guess I have to look for my least favourite character until HBP!Dumbledore. And that always has been Cho Chang. I didn’t understand why Harry was so interested in her. To me she always seemed boring and easy to look through. It was no surprise to the reader when she rejected Harry’s invitation for the Christmas ball, everybody knew Harry would finally get a chance by her in the fifth book as soon as JKR announced that there will be ‘some’ romance in it and yet again it was no surprise when they broke up. Cho may have been Harry’s first love, but what do we exactly learn about her except for playing Quidditch, being a Ravenclaw, what she looks like and that she still loves Cedric? She lacked in something that made her unique in my opinion. Yet, she still got her fans and that’s alright with me because every character deserves them.

5. What part of the series would you change if you were J.K Rowling? Why?

The parts of the series I’d chance if given the permission… Ah. Tom Riddle’s background, for example. JKR says choices are what defines us, yet Tom seemed mad and rotten right from the start. I also would change Dumbledore’s behaviour in HBP, making him a little bit more the Dumbledore from the earlier books again. However, these are only little things. A real part I’d entirely change would be Sirius’ dead. I like Sirius a lot but he didn’t deserve such a rushed end while Dumbledore needed plenty of pages to die. I would have explained his death itself as well as the implications it brought with it more detailed. I mean, I can’t remember reading about his funeral.
Anyway, I’m not sure if he would have died at all if I were the one writing the books. Probably not because, I admit, I miss him great a deal. We shared the same kind of humour and the same sharp tongue but now he’s gone. May he rest in peace.

Not that I expect you to got any vibe from that answer, anyway.

6. If you were Headmaster/Mistress at Hogwarts, what changes would you make? Why?

That’s an interesting question to ask. I don’t think I would change that many things.Im’ quite pleased with the way Dumbledore managed to rule his school. Except for the fact that he favoured Harry a little too much and too obvious (at least in my opinion). But, where I would definitively change things is the way the houses are seeing each other. Those eternal prejudices are pretty much unnerving and immature. I’d form afternoon classes or clubs in which students had to go at least once or twice and if known to misbehave badly, they may feel free to sign in for the rest of the term as well. The main idea of the club or the classes would be role-playings in which the students would learn to look at the world with eyes of other houses for a couple of hours.

7. If you were faced with a boggart what would you see?

I fear failure (in friendship, in school, in work, failure pretty much in general) the most but I am clueless what form the boggart would obtain.

… I lied. I am not completely clueless. I fear the sudden death of the best friend I ever had, so I guess the boggart most probably would obtain the shape of her corpse, looking at me with an expression that clearly states ‘It’s your entire fault. You could have rescued me but failed.’ This would definitely freak me out, because being responsible for her dying and not able to have her being rescued is what I fear the most.

8. What are your top 3 positive traits that you feel define you? Why?

My mind is sharp and works analytical and calculating. Most of the time I am able to tell where the mistake is lying in the behaviour of others, what caused a certain circumstance, and so forth. But I am too closed-minded as to see my own fault or mistakes and I lack the comprehension to admit my wrongdoing in front of others

Another strong personality trait of mine is befriending whom I want to. I know out there in the big world are people who only care for outward appearances like fame, beauty or special skills in order to befriend someone. Those people seriously can’t be helped and may god bless them, I surely won’t. The personality is above everything else in my opinion. I don’t care about looks, social status or whatever else.

I stand with both my feet on the ground. If someone needs to be slapped or/and reminded where his place is, I am usually the one who reminds. Or if someone is depressed and feels like shit, though I rarely comfort, I tell them what it’s worth to live for and what makes them a great person and what not.

9. What are 3 negative traits that you feel hinder you?

My stubbornness is one of my biggest character flaws and was pointed out by someone else too. If I am convinced to be right you will have a hard time in persuading me otherwise. Even if your arguments are convincing I usually hold onto my version because I can’t stand being wrong. After some arguing, I probably wouldn’t make any sense anymore in saying what I would in order to show you that my point is the only right one. Sooner or later I would have to acknowledge you for being right and that would finally piss me off. You would be better off not listening or trying to talk to me then because if I am pissed I happen to bitch and bite and making nasty comments afterwards. I am not only stubborn in that matter but very childish, too.

I’m too unforgiving; I do not tend to give second chances once someone has proved to earn my mistrust. I shut myself off to explanations and get cold towards that person. I won’t feel the desire to maintain the contact; my responses will be very final and eventually I will walk away – or click the person away if it is online – and be done with it.

And I am utterly moody. My mood can swing from happy-go-lucky to leave me the hell alone almost in an instant. I don’t intend to bitch at people but I can’t hold back if someone happens to piss me off additionally when I am already pissed. Though I am not the person that gets violent first and it is very rare when I lose the last remaining pieces of aloofness and punch someone in the face.

10. Please tell us why you should or should not be placed in each of the four houses.

I am not brave when I don’t feel like earning something in return for toying with the unknown. I am no coward either; I just don’t feel like putting everything at risk just to to be considered as someone with a very brave heart. Also I don’t feel like standing up and fighting until the end for what I think is fair.

Hufflepuffs treat everybody kind and friendly and are always loyal to their friends. I like to think of myself as loyal as well, but that simply wouldn’t be the truth; I don’t swear to be someone’s friend for all eternity because I can’t tell what the future holds. But I am not afraid of hard working and love my friends. So I wouldn’t feel that misplaced in Hufflepuff.

Since I enjoy having intellectual conversations, reading books and gaining knowledge I’d do well in Ravenclaw I assume, and I don’t know what to add here anymore.

I know what I want and how to get it, I like holding power, being the one in charge and follow up my purposes in life. If I am not mistaken, this is Slytherin-ish.

11. Which of the four houses do you feel you are least suited for? Why?

Hufflepuff because of the very same reason stated above. They are too kind. But that’s great, though. It’s nice knowing nice people when oneself isn’t that outstanding nice.

Not that I am unfriendly to begin with. But just not as nice as a Hufflepuff and most certainly not to everyone. If I don’t like someone I don’t make a fuss in not showing that. The ‘Puffs, of course they have teeth too, just strike me as warm and caring people that don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. However, that’s my opinion of them. I might as well be mistaken.

12. If you could place one memory in a pensieve, what would it be? Why?

Sometimes my head feels like bursting. In order to prevent the feeling I would make the most random use of the Pensieve; putting everything that bothers me in some way in it. The happy and funny memories for times I feel depressed and like shit. While looking at them I will remember myself that life isn’t always what I want it to be, bad times will follow good times and vice versa, and life goes on. When something is annoying me I would put it into a Pensieve and try to find out how to change the memory in a way to let it look pathetic and not worth being thought about anymore. If something seems to be odd, I would put the memory bound to that feeling in my Pensieve, figuring out what exactly startled me in the first place. Negative memories would be thrown carelessly in it, hoping to never ever have to think of them again.

13. Many say our choices are what make us unique. How easily do you make choices? Do you often regret those choices later?

Choices are made quite easy, especially impulsive ones. But no, I know what the question actually refers to. Let’s say, most of the time I think before I act. In stressful situation I am still calm and collected and think before making a choice. Though, when stressful situations won’t be only stressful anymore and tend to become emotional difficult as well, for an example, my calmness may shatter and I am more likely to act out of impulsive.
Usually I stand to 100 % behind what I said and don’t regret it. Even if I said utter nonsense, I won’t start regretting. I may apologize if I had commita an injustice to someone, but even then I hardly regret. I’m blind to my bads, that’s it.

14. Which of the four Hogwarts Founders (Rowena Ravenclaw, Salazar Slytherin, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff) which would you be most interested to meet and why?

I can’t answer these with picking a favourite because I can’t imagine myself meeting one of the founders. It would be great though, but I am a rather realistic person. Even in the Harry Potterverse it seems to be impossible to have a nice chat with someone who’s been dead for decades. Because of that I actually never thought about meeting one of the founders, leave alone the one I’d be most interested to meet. I don’t really care all too much about them.

15. What do you feel makes Hogwarts so magical?

The whole castle itself with its magic floating around, the ghosts, the teachers, the students, the whole concept of this magical place. It’s hard to describe what makes this school so special in my eyes because that’d been pretty much everything containing it.
Anyway, I am especially fond of the moving staircases and, of course, the teaching lessons.

16. The Second war between Light and Dark is taking place; who do you think will win the final battle? Why do you feel this way?

I’m tempted to say Light will win because, after all, Harry Potter is still a children’s book.
Though I can’t say for sure if that my happen or not because I have no real proof which side is stronger. Regarding the circumstances I have the vague feeling that the Light side will win due to countless sacrifices and victims made. Also, I am entirely certain if Harry will survive. Voldemort is portrayed as the Pure Evil and surviving something like that as main hero… I don’t know. Life has its own rules stories are written after. After Sirius’ dead, though, nothing would shock me.

17. What is your favorite spell in the Potter Universe? Why?

I would take great pleasure casting the Babbling Curse on people for my own amusement. If I had to listen to someone’s long-winded speeches, I’d cast the BC. The boring speech would stop and the fun could begin. Yes, I amuse myself at the cost of others. But, come on. If you had to listen to something you already knew the outcome or if you could do something much better with your time, why not pushing that person into making a fool out of himself or herself? I would like to hear their nonsense. It would be some welcomed change for once.

18. If you were given the oppertunity to own and run one shop in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade, what would it be? Why?

That’s a question I really can’t answer. I would run every shop if I had to because I don’t care what my shop sells as long as the money makes my world go round.

19. From reading the first book, we know Harry was almost placed in Slytherin. If you were the Sorting Hat which of the four houses would you have placed him?

It would have been for me, I had placed Harry into Slytherin. Because, you know, being a Slytherin doesn’t make you automatically a bad person or obsessed with heritage and bloodlines. Harry can be quite cunning and ambitious, as we were proved in OotP when he formed Dumbledore’s Army. Then again Harry didn’t want to get sorted into Slytherin. I wouldn’t sort a student in a house he doesn’t want to be in as well.

20.There are many wonderful sorting communities on Livejournal; Why would you like to be a part of Hogwarts Home? Have you read and understood all the rules?

Honestly, even elite sorting communities had been small in the beginning. It’s the same here. I don’t see why HH shouldn’t become one of those ‘wonderful sorting communities’ one day.
Also, I’d like the feeling to be there right from the start on or let’s say, from very early on.
Of course I read all the rules and yes, I did understand them.

21. How did you hear about Hogwarts Home? If it was a member please give their name so they can earn points.

Like I mentioned, I saw your promotion over at hat_sorting

22.Would you like to tell us anything else about yourself?

Yes. Over at hat_sorting a few people thought I’d be pushing for Slytherin which is not the case. I like Slytherin not more than any other house and the fact that my favourite character is a Slytherin does not mean anything to me. Then again, Remus shares his position with Tom. Since some questions were the very same as in h_s I allowed myself to copy my answers and past them into here. I would have written the same again and instead of wasting time, I spend time in copying. If you feel offended by that let me know. Back to topic, I almost expect being accused of pushing once again. Everything I can say is I didn’t, because a) I don’t need to prove anything with pushing and b) I’m just the way I am. In addition, I took the questions for serious and answered honest.

I still have something to say. I’m no Native Speaker so I beg you just to over look mistakes I made.
16th-Oct-2006 02:14 am (UTC)
Welcome back! Feel free to rejoin the sub-comms anytime :)
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